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Industrial Training In Python (Python IT28)
ELIGIBILITY : Basics of Programming e.g. C or C++
DURATION : 6 Weeks
Industrial Training Tpoics are :

✸ Intro Pyhton & PyCharm Editor, Python Syntax
✸ Strings and Console Output
✸ Python Mad Libs, Conditionals and Control Flow
✸ Python Arrays, Pandas Basics
✸ Python Functions, Modules And Packages
✸ Lists & Dictionaries, Exception Handling
✸ Python File Input and Output Operations
✸ Sets, Serialization, Partial functions
✸ Code Introspection, Closures, Decorators
✸ Python Object Oriented Programming - OOPS
✸ Database Interaction

* Python is Totally Practical Oriented Course which is easy to learn Easy to program in. Capable of creating apps that can handle heavy traffic without problems. Useful for developers who can add more features in an app quickly and easily. Useful for companies as it helps cut development costs.
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